1. We only use leathers that are a by-product of food production. Leather is one of the oldest form of recycling – meat and dairy industries’ waste turned into a beautiful and sustainable product.

2. Being environmentally responsible, we use leather that meets international standards and that is safety tested by accredited Forschungsinstitut für Leder und Kunststoffbahnen (FILK) Test Laboratory (view certificate).

3. The Sneg is a local family run brand. Our entire process takes place locally. We source leather from Volga Tannery located in Tver region, Russia. All The Sneg products are manufactured, packed and shipped with love from our small family run manufactory in Tver. Less transportation – less exhaust fumes and CO2 released to the air.

4. The Sneg employees are paid and treated fairly. We respect their needs and offer safe modern equipment and a comfortable work environment.

5. We do not introduce multiple collections seasonally. We produce small batches, leaving the priority to timeless pieces to be cherished forever.

6. We pack The Sneg products into linen sacks and cardboard boxes that can easily be reused and recycled. All the materials are completely biodegradable.

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